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September 20, 2013

#CANFIT20: The Harvest Moon and Back to School

CANFIT partners with the National Farm to School (F2S) Network to increase opportunities for F2S programs into after school and other out-of-school time (OST) programs.

By Arnell Hinkle

The Harvest Moon rose a few days ago. Late summer's bounty is evident wherever you go - fall fruits are starting to appear, melons, squashes, cucumbers, dark leafy greens and carrots are all experiencing a last spurt of growth. Because of the abundant supply, prices for many fruits and vegetables are at their lowest. Yet, when I recently reviewed some menus for after school meal programs, I was struck by the monotony - the same fruits at every meal, the vegetables were always carrots and celery, and the entrees ranged from sandwiches (on white bread) to corn dogs to pizzas. We are missing the opportunity to expose youth to a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and meal options that are as colorful and diverse as nature's bounty. CANFIT has recently partnered with the National Farm to School (F2S) Network to increase opportunities for F2S programs to expand into after school and other out-of-school time (OST) programs. Over the next few months we will be exploring the challenges and barriers to getting local, fresh fruits and vegetables into OST programs. Be on the lookout for a briefing memo that highlights best practices in Farm to Afterschool (F2AS) and offers policy solutions that will facilitate the process for OST programs, growers, and youth to work together to eat fresher and healthier food. With the Fall harvest coinciding with the back-to-school period, it's a perfect time to provide a rainbow of fresh, local fruits and vegetables in after school snacks and meals. #CANFIT20 celebrates CANFIT's 20-year anniversary with a monthly blog on the 20th day of each month beginning in August 2013 and other blogs, tweets, and social media posts on history tid-bits on CANFIT's journey to helping low-income communities strive for healthy eating and physical activity environments. Worked with CANFIT before? Share your stories and thoughts in our 20th Anniversary Assessment today.

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