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Executive Director Arnell Hinkle Named Fulbright Specialist in Public/Global Health

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CANFIT's ACTIVE8 (activate) is an 8-step guide that engages youth through creating opportunities for physical activity that are enjoyable, meets their needs and involves and encourages participation of all, including peers, staff, administrators, parents and community members. It is designed to help youth providers 1) incorporate “simple, yet appropriate” physical activities and 2) create a positive physical activity culture through improving policies in your after school, community and/or neighborhood. Throughout the guide are tips on how to effectively incorporate everyday physical activity, what types of exercises are appropriate, exercise do's and don'ts, a physical activity picture guide and how to involve youth in improving their physical activity environment. It is our intention to make physical activity easy, fun and enjoyable for youth and provide a range of choices and activities that will continue to keep young people ACTIVE8’ed and moving!

The entire ACTIVE8 Curriculum can be downloaded in 8 parts:

1. Table of Contents 2. Introduction - Increase Your Knowledge of Physical Activity 3. Step 1- Make CANFIT's SOUL Principles the Heart of Physical Activity; Step 2 - Get to Know Your Physical Activity Environment 4. Step 3 - Become a Physical Activity Advocate 5. Step 4 - Lead Appropriate Physical Activity 6. Step 5 - Select High-Quality Exercises and Activities 7. Step 6 - Deal with Challenges & Establish a Positive Physical Activity Culture; Step 7 - Make Healthy Nutrition Part of your Program 8. Step 8 - Seek out Resources to Help Your Program Evolve Also see CANFIT's Physical Activity Section for more resources!

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For Activity 1:What's in My Community? on page 10, see Community Mapping Worksheet below: Community_Mapping_Worksheet_for_ACTIVE8