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Fulbright Specialist Roster

Executive Director Arnell Hinkle Named Fulbright Specialist in Public/Global Health

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P.H.A.T. (Promoting Healthy Activities Together)

CANFit launched the Promoting Healthy Activities Together (P.H.A.T.) program in 2002. P.H.A.T. embraces music, dance, emceeing, and other elements of hip-hop culture to improve the nutrition and physical activity knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors of today's youth. The program consists of a curriculum kit (which includes a DVD, music CD, and guidebook) and a training for youth service providers. The DVD contains interviews with youth, a hip-hop DJ, and a registered dietitian which emphasizes the need for students to drink adequate water and start reducing their risk of chronic disease through smarter food and activity choices. The second half of the DVD offers a step-by-step guide to a specially choreographed hip-hop routine that could be used as an after school or in-class activity session. The guidebook offers video discussion questions, communication strategies for today's hip-hop youth and understanding hip-hop culture to promote healthy eating and physical activity in your program. Click Here to order a copy of P.H.A.T. for your program! For more info, check out the P.H.A.T. page!

P.H.A.T. Training

The P.H.A.T. training shares what we’ve learned from implementing the campaign. Using an interactive format, this cutting-edge training will teach you how to use hip-hop culture in delivering important messages about healthy eating and increasing physical activity to today’s youth. Read more about the CANFIT P.H.A.T. Training View the training posted by the Goergia School Age Care Association Online P.H.A.T. Training

P.H.A.T. Recognized as 2003 Dannon Institute Award for Excellence in Community Nutrition!

CANFIT's "Promoting Healthy Activities Together (P.H.A.T.)" Campaign Honored With 6th Annual Dannon Institute Awards For Excellence in Community Nutrition. For the second time, CANFIT was honored by the Dannon Institute, this time for its P.H.A.T. program. Read more about the success of P.H.A.T.!

The Importance of Hip-Hop Culture with Today's Youth

“We are advocating that hip-hop is not just a music, it is an attitude, it is an awareness, it is a way to view the world. So rap music is something we do, but HIP-HOP, is something we live.” - KRS-ONE, Hip-Hop Knowledge (from the album The Sneak Attack) Since the early ‘80s, hip-hop music has served as a powerful voice and form of expression for young black audiences and has evolved into a culture with its own language, style of dress, and mindset. But despite its popularity and appeal, few nutrition and physical activity programs have used its ability to speak to the needs and values of today's youth. Much of the success of the P.H.A.T. campaign can be attributed to the fact that both the youth that participated, as well as the talent who worked with the youth, shared knowledge, appreciation and love of the hip-hop culture. Incorporating hip-hop culture is a great way to motivate youth to share messages and increase participation in your programming; but to do it well, you have to be knowledgeable about the culture and be open to it.

See a sample of the P.H.A.T. Video!

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