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August 8, 2013

20-Year Commitment

CANFIT honoring 20 years of improving community health with hopes of 20 more!


Confused about all the news about healthy food, obesity prevention, and exercise? Yet, convinced that you need to do something for the youth you work with or the community that you live in? But what can you do with few resources, limited staff, and little money? And how do you make whatever you do relate to the youth you work with (or the people who live in your community)? Contact CANFIT. We can help you develop a program, project or strategy that will meet your needs and improve the health of your youth, organization, staff, and even yourself. We will help you figure out how to access and identify healthy and affordable food and safe spaces and techniques to be physically active. We base our work on what we have learned from working for over 20 years in a variety of low-income, ethnic communities around the country. We also share what we do and learn with policy makers around the country, so that they can understand what it really takes to improve the health of young people and communities through healthy eating and physical activity. CANFIT bridges the gap between policy and effective practice. Working with low income, ethnic communities across the country (and internationally), CANFIT works with community based organizations to develop healthy eating and physical activity programs that work within the context of race, class, and culture [or in marginalized and under-resources communities]. CANFIT projects and strategies change not only individual behavior, but also the food and physical environment so that the healthy thing becomes the easy thing to do. CANFIT educates youth and providers, illuminates esoteric policies that keep healthy food and safe places out of low income communities, and strategizes effective solutions that take youth culture, race, and class into account.

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