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Executive Director Arnell Hinkle Named Fulbright Specialist in Public/Global Health

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December 16, 2014

2014 Accomplishments

What have we been up to this last year? In addition to our regular capacity building work throughout the country, CANFIT's work in 2014 focused on policy, technical assistance, material development.

By Arnell Hinkle

Policy After School/Out-of-School - Co-chair Nutrition/Physical Activity Committee of California After School Network (championing after school meal quality) - created Nuts and Bolts Webinar Nuts and Bolts Webinar - Member of System of Support - Strategic Implementation Team of California Department of Education, After School Division - Published Farm to School Activities in Out-of-School Time policy brief (in collaboration with the National Farm to School Network) - Member of NIOST’s Healthy Out-of-School Time (HOST) Coalition (Advocacy and Implementation Work Teams) CANFIT policy recommendations on the role of after school and out-of-school-time programs published by the Institute of Medicine (Washington, DC) in the report “Creating Equal Opportunities for a Healthy Weight” Wrote a case study of afterschool practices from a five-year community training and technical assistance intervention showing the promise of policy change for promoting healthier afterschool environments: “Creating healthier afterschool environments in the Healthy Eating Active Communities program”, for New Directions for Youth Development, In Press Member of: - Kaiser Thriving Schools Advisory Group - Summer Meals Coalition - Expert Panel, Planning Committee and session moderator for Promising Practices Conference in Washington, DC (seeking to advance tobacco control and obesity prevention strategies for improved health outcomes in low SES communities) Consulted with Montefiore Hospital on program development for their community treatment program for overweight Latino and Black teens in the Bronx, New York Consulted with Health Education Council on the development and implementation of a series of focus groups with low-income residents of Sacramento to determine their attitudes toward sugar sweetened beverage taxes. Wrote a report of findings. Training/Technical Assistance Served as a content expert and judge for HackFit, a San Francisco health-focused technology Hack-a-thon (N=100) As part of our TCE-funded Project for Healthier After School Environments (PHASE): CANFIT worked with the County Offices of Education in Region 6 (Stanislaus) and Region 10 (San Bernardino) to train 56 staff on implementing state nutrition and physical activity guidelines. The training participants represented 26 after school programs (and with a reach to 2800 middle school-aged youth). Served as Youth Engagement Technical Assistance Lead for WK Kellogg Food and Fitness Initiative: - Facilitated a Youth Career Pipeline workshop at WKKF national meeting - Convener and technical assistance provider for Youth Coordinators at 6 Food and Fitness sites (Seattle, Oakland, Boston, Iowa, Holyoke, Detroit) Material Development Menus and Meal Patterns Nuts and Bolts Webinar Healthy After School Meal and Snack Guide (revised) Other Awarded 5 CANFIT Academic Scholarships ($3000) Digitally archived 26 boxes of historical documents and materials Updated and re-designed our web site at [url=][/url] so that it can host webinars and digitally archived CANFIT materials. CANFIT has 936 followers on Twitter (an additional 100 since last year), an active Facebook Page (675 Likes), and an informative You Tube Channel. As part of 20th Anniversary celebrations: - wrote a monthly blog - conducted a needs assessment survey of the field (N=250) - produced a 20th Anniversary DVD Hosted fund-raising House Parties in New York City and Washington, DC Raised $18,500 in unrestricted funds Selected by the Fulbright Scholars Program to serve as a Fulbright Specialist (Arnell Hinkle, CANFIT executive director) in global/public health for a five-year term

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