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Executive Director Arnell Hinkle Named Fulbright Specialist in Public/Global Health

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CANFIT trainings are designed for youth providers and community members that work with adolescent youth. In our train-the-trainer approach, we deliver hands-on ways to empower the community around creating a more healthier environment for youth. We have a variety of food, nutrition, physical activity and policy related trainings as well as trainings in Spanish. Ask us for ideas on how to incorporate workshop costs into grant proposals! Interested in one of our trainings? .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call us at (510) 644-1533.

Our Signature Trainings

MO Project

CANFIT's MO Project Workshop is an 6-hour interactive, training designed for youth to use media as a way to advocate for healthy eating and physical activity changes in their community. The training consists of a policy and advocacy session, a spoken word session, peer-to-peer film-making session and a youth engagement session for adults that attend. Time: 6 hours

Recipes for Success (RFS)

An introductory interactive workshop to provide basic nutrition education as well as an understanding of the importance of regular, noncompetitive, all-inclusive physical activity. Includes an introduction to policy development so that you can make permanent changes in your after school nutrition and physical activity environment. Time: 4-6 hours

Promoting Healthy Activities Together (P.H.A.T.)

Using an interactive format, this cutting-edge workshop will teach you how to use hip-hop culture in delivering important messages about healthy eating and increasing activity to today’s youth. The goals of this workshop are to help you develop a better understanding of today’s hip-hop culture, improve your communication strategies in engaging youth about health, and understand concepts of junk and fast food marketing to today’s hip-hop generation. Time: 4-6 hours

More Available Trainings

1. Intro to RFS & P.H.A.T. (Combined Training)

Time: 2-4 hours

2. Basic Nutrition Training Only

Selected nutrition components of RFS Training. Time: 2 hours

3. Physical Activity Training Only

Selected physical activity components of RFS Training. Time: 2 hours

4. Advanced Nutrition Training

After completing the RFS workshop, this specialized interactive workshop will take you to the next level of effectiveness and capability in program development relevant to nutrition standards and policies. Time: 2 hours

5. Advanced Physical Activity

After completing the RFS workshop, this specialized interactive workshop will take you to the next level of effectiveness and capability in program development relevant to physical activity policies. Time: 2 hours

6. After School Leadership

Hone up on strategies to promote and institutionalize healthy eating and physical activity at your after school programs. Plus how to implement and monitor those strategies once they are in place. Time: 2 hours

7. Health Communication for Parents in Today’s Youth Culture (Available in English and Spanish)

Today's parents need creative ways to improve their children's health and their own health as well. In this highly interactive discussion, parents and youth will learn communication strategies about how to engage each other about improving health and how marketing plays a key role in the process. Time: 2 hours

8. Nutrition/Food Policy Implementation

New nutrition/food policies instituted by a governing body need to be implemented by direct service providers. Easier said than done. Learn tips in understanding nutrition/food policies and what that means for everyday snack service, snack sales, parties and fund raisers. Time: 2 hours

9. Taking the Next Steps -Three Ways to Improve the Health of Youth in the Community

Not every community has access to grocery stores or farmer's markets or a safe space for youth to walk, bike and play. So does the environment you live in support a healthy lifestyle, especially for youth? This interactive workshop will teach after school staff and youth providers three simple ways to take an active and constant role in improving the nutrition and physical activity of youth in your community. Time: 2 hours

10. What Are You(th) Eating?

Selected interactive nutrition activities that examines the fat and sugar content of popular junk and fast food popular among today’s youth – and some staff too. Time: 2 hours

11. Hip-Hop and Marketing

Does 50 Cent know that promoting Vitamin Water is encouraging youth to drink more sugar? This interactive media workshop combines hip-hop and marketing and how it influences health eating and physical activity among youth. Time: 2 hours

Trainings in Spanish (Entrenamientos y talleres en español)

12. Recetas para el éxito (RFS)

Este es un taller interactivo de introducción para servicios básicos de educación nutricional, así como una comprensión de la importancia de regular, no competitiva, actividad física. Tiempo: 4-6 horas

13. Abogacía 101

Este es un taller interactivo de introducción sobre lo que se entiende políticamente y en la promoción. Más información sobre lo que una comunidad saludable puede obtener - alimentos sanos, asequibles y seguros, y lugares accesibles para la actividad física. Aprenda cómo participar con su familia en la creación de una comunidad saludable. Tiempo: 4-6 horas

14. Política y Abogacía

Estos talleres interactivos sobre las políticas en torno a la alimentación sana y la actividad física se encuentran disponibles en una introducción, nivel intermedio o avanzado. Aprenda a ser un líder de la comunidad para motivar a los padres y otros miembros de la comunidad para abogar por un mejor acceso a los sanos, asequibles y alimentos lugares seguros para la actividad física. Tiempo: 4 horas

15. Cómo comprar y preparar los bocados y las comidas sanas

Como Promotora, usted es responsable de llevar las reuniones educativas y de apoyo para las familias y los miembros de la Comunidad en cómo mejorar sus comunidades. Usted necesita actuar como modelo en el abastecimiento y la organización de los bocados y de las comidas sanos. Aprenda cómo hacer tan en un presupuesto. Tiempo: 1-2 horas

16. Padres de adolescencias

Los años del los jovenes (10-14) son una época de la gran transición en ir de niñez a la adolescencia. Aprenda las extremidades en cómo los padres pueden animar a sus hijos que coman más sano y sean más físicamente activa. Tiempo: 1-2 horas

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