Todd & Sam (the Duces), American Indian Public Charter School Chorus

Young Speare in the place to be ’cause i got what it take to rock the mic right (yeah)
I eat right & my flow is tight ’cause I got what it takes to rock the mic right (yeah)

Verse 1 There’s two in a crew, the names Todd and Sam
We stay real healthy don’t eat a lot of ham
We run a lot, play basketball We eat our veggies, but not that tall
Todd is tight and fun to be
When he run cats can’t see he
I be Sam, I eats my veggies
When it's time to run I'm always ready
I walk with a limp cause my belly's heavy
And I like it from farmer John's cause it's really healthy
If you exercise you'll be real healthy and someday you'll become real wealthy
Sam is smart and he runs like a dart
I never bleed cause I got real fast speed
I can take the lead when I need
I took a long time thinking with my mind
’Cause I got my mind on my veggies and my veggies on my mind
I fly like a butterfly sting like a bee, but when I run you can't see me
Sam is funny and he runs like a bunny
I like my veggies and I don't eat Chevy’s
My partna Sam Don't eat ham cuz he likes to jam
I got game cuz I'm in the hall of fame


Jose, Azael, Marco, Nate (J.A.M.N.) American Indian Public Charter School

We're never involved in any crimes
We exercise all the time
We're from the bay Eat fruits everyday and we’re stayin’ healthy in everyway

Verse 1
I play soccer everyday always strong on the field
Run faster than my opponents, they know the deal
Drinking water everyday keeps me steady on my feet.
I stay fit and healthy so I don't have to cheat.
I eat fruits, my favorite is mango
Then I get exercise, like dancing the tango.
They’re good for you and keep you strong
So listen up and pay attention to this song

Verse 2
If you eat lots of fruits 5 servings a day
You get helpful things like Vitamin A.
If you go to fruit fairs you won’t have to care
Cuz you'll be healthy and always be aware
Eatin’ fast food is not real good
5 servings of fruit should be understood Fruits and veggies help keep me healthy
As long as I'm fit I'll always be wealthy

Verse 3
I like the Raiders cuz they wear silver and black
Muscles and agility they do not lack
Exercise like them and you can lose some weight
If you make it on their team you can tour the states
60 minutes a day that’s all you need
But don't over do it or you might bleed
Sprints, pushups, jumpin' jacks, charges and crunches
To do all this they ain't missin' healthy lunches

Verse 4
I know what's healthy for me I eat an apple
Not too much sugar like drinkin’ a Snapple
You won't be healthy if you eat lot's of snacks
Cuz all they really have is a lot of fat
Fruits and veggies like grapes and potatoes
We stay healthy while livin’ in the ghetto


Ryan & Malcolm, Longfellow Extended Day Program

Do what you do but be healthy while your doin it
You can live your dream but be healthy while your pursuin it

I'm not superman, I’m a nutrition man
I drink 8 cups of water, and I do what I can
I don't waste my money on soda and junk
Only 100% juice, I’m not fakin the funk
No cakes, no shakes, no Frosted Flakes
Cuz guess what they're not great

Verse 2
You can never lose if you drop the Snapple
To keep the doctor away just grab an apple
You can run like a track star if you eat your fruits and vegetables
You can be a wide receiver and catch anything that's catchable
You can be an amazing athlete if you stop eating sweets
But first put down the Snickers and the Rice Krispie treats

Verse 3
Like Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles Lakers
He eats right and exercises, he’s their #1 shot taker
Or like Thunder from the Warriors repin for the bay
He hits mad flips and dunks every game
Each and every day always 8 glasses of water
No soda, no junk cuz they want to play harder

Verse 4
Now listen up closely while we drop this knowledge
Eating healthy and being active can help you get to college
Food feeds your brain and keeps your body tight
So you got to make sure that you eat your breakfast nutritious and right
Instead of being home sittin’, lookin’ crazy
Exercise your body and stop actin’ lazy