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Fulbright Specialist Roster

Executive Director Arnell Hinkle Named Fulbright Specialist in Public/Global Health

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Winter 2015 (November) (E-Newsletter) Featuring: CANFIT’s 2015 Accomplishments, 2015-16 Scholarship Recipients, Donor Thank You, National Farm to Cafeteria Conference Save the Date, Marion Nestle’s new book Soda Politics: Taking on Big Soda (and Winning) August 2015 Summer (E-Newsletter) Featuring: Summer Appeal, USDA: Step it Up!, CANFIT on the Move, CANFIT in DC February 2015 Lunar New Year (E-Newsletter) Featuring: CANFIT’s 2014 Accomplishments, 2014-2015 Scholarship Recipients, and Thank You to Donors December 2014 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: CANFIT’s 2014 Accomplishments, 20th Anniversary Video, End of the Year Appeal January 2014 Lunar New Year (E-Newsletter) Featuring: CANFIT’s 2014 Priorities, 2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients, New Urban Youth Lifestyle Study from MEE Busts Myths About Millennials of Color, and Office Move July 2013 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: CANFIT Turns 20, CANFIT on the Road, and Honoring Dr. Yancey and Instant Recess® June 2013 7th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference (E-Alert) Featuring: CANFIT’s participation in the 7th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference in Long Beach, Preparing for CANFIT’s 20th Anniversary End of the Year 2012/Beginning 2013 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: CANFIT’s #MO2012 Photo Contest Winners, 2012 Accomplishments, 2013 Priorities May 2012 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: CANFIT’s new youth e-Advocacy Project, CANFIT’s work at several conferences and events, Oakland After School Wellness Learning Community update, After School Policy Updates and Community Events December 2011 (E-Alert) Featuring: CANFIT’s Zero Carbon Footprint GALA on November 31st, MO Healthy Youth Leaders Project and the Oakland After School Wellness Learning Community October 2011 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: Berkeleyside News Feature: “CANFIT Wants to Improve the Health of All America’s Youth”, CANFIT Releases 99 Ways in Espanol, Get ACTIVE8’d with our new Physical Activity Curriculum and CANFIT’s Scholarship Winners Announced June 2011 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: CANFIT ED Arnell Hinkle receiving the 2011 Princeton Service Award, Federally-Reimbured Meals in you After School Program, info about the CDC Community Transformation Grants and the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports Spotlight Awards April 2011 (E-Alert) Featuring: Save Money, Serve Healthy Campaign continued. Sign up for the online webinar on how to get FREE Summer Meals to Youth in California! March 2011 (E-Alert) Featuring: Save Money, Serve Healthy Campaign: How the Recent Federal Bill can Benefit After School, CANFIT Executive Director’s recent blog about her trip Fellowship in New Zealand! September 2010 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: 3 Free Downloads to Improve Nutrition and Physical Activity with Today’s Youth, CANFIT 2010-2011 Scholarship Recipients Announced, Urge Members to Pass Child Nutrition by September 30 June 2010 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: Healthy Snack Guide Available in Spanish, CANFIT’s Executive Director featured in an issue of Leo Pasifika, Physical Activity Tools for After School Providers May 2010 (E-Alert) Featuring: Implementing the CDE After School Physical Activity Guidelines (PDF, 747 KB, 13 pages). Bonus Inside: An easy-to-follow Physical Activity Matrix to improve staff skills to implement the guidelines. March 2010 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: 99 Ways to Make After School Even Healthier, The Role of Snacks in Child Nutrition Reauthorization, New CANFIT Workshops, MO Project Winners Announced January/February 2010 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: Top 5 CANFIT resources, Download FREE CANFIT Spanish language materials, Scholarships 2010, CANFIT ED receives Axford Fellowship December 2009 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: Happy Holidays from CANFIT, Free Nutrition Resources en espanol, MO Project updates, Listen to Youth Voice Across CA, Policy Corner November 2009 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: Highlighting Youth in MO Project Online Media Contest, Scholarship Updates, Download “How to Talk to Youth About Food and Fitness”, Richmond MO Project Video, Policy Corner September 2009 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: Your Solution to the Health Debate, Scholarship Recipients 2009, CANFIT Scholarship Fundraiser August 2009 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: Kick off this Fall on a Healthy Foot, CANFIT Top Nutrition and Physical Activity Reources, CANFIT Blog, Follow CANFIT on Twitter, Legislative Corner July 2009 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: CANFIT Turns 16!, Summer Food Update, Legislative Corner June 2009 (E-Newsletter) Featuring: Keep Youth Fed this Summer,CANFIT Policy Brief “Promoting Healthier After School Environments: Opportunities and Challenges”, MO Project Winners, Legislative Corner Summer 2008 (811 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: Online Art Event; Preview of 101 Ways to Improve the Health of Your After School Program; Ethnogames for Adolescent Youth Spring 2008 (2.88 MB, 6 pages) Featuring: CANFIT’s 15th Anniversary Year; CANFIT Scholarship Applications Available; CANFIT’s Healthy Snack Guide for Your After School Program is Released; 2008 Multicultural Calendar 2008 CANFIT Multicultural Calendar (2.04 MB, 14 pages) Featuring: CANFIT Nutrition and Physical Activity Tips, Multicultural Holidays & Events Fall/Winter 2007 (768 KB, 5 pages) Featuring: Healthy Halloween Treats; CANFit Releases New Policy Brief; Pear Slaw recipe; Congratulations to CANFit’s Executive Director Summer 2007 (243 KB, 6 pages) Featuring: Gymnastics for Your After School Program; Fresh Peach Salsa recipe; Scholarship Awards; Energia o No?; How Does Your Drink Measure Up? Spring 2007 (1.15 MB, 6 pages) Featuring: Energy Drinks; Physical Activity Pyramid; Turkey Lape recipe; Where’s the Fruit?; Spanish-language Column New Year 2007 (451 KB, 6 pages) Featuring: Hip-Hop and You Don’t Stop; Weight is the Least of It; Black-Eyed Pea Salad recipe; Spanish-language Column; 2007 Multicultural Calendar Fall/lWinter 2006 (521 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: Prop 49 for After School Funding; Smashed Potatoes recipe; Tips for Exercising at Home Summer 2006 (338 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: Scholarship Award Winners; Mixed Fruit Smoothie recipe; Summertime Drinks - Choose Wisely!; Screen-Free Things to Do Spring 2006 (492 KB, 6 pages) Featuring: Do More, Watch Less; Adolescent Girls and Calcium; Physical Activity Ideas; Yoga and Sports; On the Road with CANFit New Year 2006 (520 KB, 7 pages) Featuring:10 Things to Improve After School Nutrition and Physical Activity; Tom Ka Gai Soup recipe; The Future of Food; Snack Reimbursement info Fall/Winter 2005 (389 KB, 6 pages) Featuring: Passage of Healthier School Foods Legislation; Fruit Train recipe; Tapioca Pearl Drinks; Summary of Governor’s Summit; Back Stretches Summer 2005 (349 KB, 6 pages) Featuring: Preventing Obesity in the Hip-Hop Generation; Fast and Easy Veggie Dip; Banana-Orange Smoothie; 2005-2006 Scholarship Recipients; Blindfolded Horse Race Game Spring 2005 (300 KB, 6 pages) Featuring: Promoting Healthy Eating/Activity at Your Program; Sophalla’s Sour Chicken Soup recipe; Chicken Adobo recipe; Stretching New Year 2005 (491 KB, 8 pages) Featuring: National Middle School Conference; 2005 Multicultural Calendar; Hot ‘n Spicy Black-Eyed Peas & Rice & Stuffed Bell Peppers with Collard Greens recipes; Flexibility Stretches Fall/Winter 2004 (377 KB, 6 pages) Featuring: CANFIT and CalSAC Host National Middle School Conference; Scholarship Recipients Announced; Flexibility; Black Beans & Squash recipe Summer 2004 (7.33 MB, 8 pages) Featuring: Youth Address Food & Activity Issues in their Communities, Part 2; CANFit Super Manual; African American Youth on the MOVE for Health; CANFIT Grantees Promoting Physical Activity, Health Eating and Positive Body Images; Plum Apple Sauce recipe; Triangle Tag activity Spring 2004 (1.17 MB, 8 pages) Featuring: Youth Address Issues in their Communities, Part 1; Veggie Strips with Salsa recipe; Clothespin Steal activity New Year 2004 (Part 1) (161KB, 3 pages) New Year 2004 (Part 2) (143 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: Marketing Junk Food/Soda to Children; Fear Factor activity; Lemon Chili Veggies recipe; 2004 Multicultural Calendar; CANFIT Reaches a Milestone Summer 2003 (188 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: Marketing Junk Food/Soda to Children; Fun in the Sun; Cambodian Tomato Salad recipe; How to Build Community Spring 2003 (247 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: Another Look at Food Pyramid Guidelines; Asian/Pacific Islander Youth Campaign; Info on Ward Connerly’s Racial Privacy Initiative Conference Edition 2002 (94.8 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: New Goals for Improving Health; Weight Emphasis: Of “Heavy” Concern; Work the Food Court!; Perfect for Snacking Fall 2002 (279 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: CANFIT’s 3rd Biennial Conference; Size Does Matter!!; Grab a Pizza: The Smart Way!; The Fall Festivals of Asia; Intervention Grantees and Academic Scholarship Recipients; Banana Crunch Pops recipe Summer 2002 (221 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: Getting to the Root of the Problem; Less TV = Better Health; Ways You Can be Part of the Solution; Recipes for Success Conference; Green Chips recipe. Spring 2002 (2.05 MB, 4 pages) Featuring: CANFIT’s New Campaign is just PHAT; Oakland Schools Set Groundbreaking Soda Ban; Children Learn What They Live; Congratulations to the 2002 Grantees!; Banana Slush and Peachy Parfait recipes New Year 2002 (198 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: Marketing Tactics of Soft Drink Companies; Reflection on the Tragic Events of September 11th; Kwanzaa; Recipes, Tips, Events and more! Fall 2001 (163 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: What Youth Spend Every Day on Food and Snacks; The Passage of SB 10 (Pupil Nutrition Health and Achievement Act) Summer 2001 (1.45 MB, 5 pages) Featuring: Diabetes: The New Epidemic Among Multi-Ethnic Youth; A Celebration of Culture: Juneteenth; Beat the Heat; How Youth Want to Spend their Active Time; Macaroni Corn Salad recipe Winter 2001 (183 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: Supporting Good Nutrition & Physical Activity in 2001; Soul Food Traditions; 2001 CANFIT Grant Awards; Good-For-You Cornbread recipe; Rain or Shine activities Fall 2000 (86.4 KB, 4 pages) Featuring: CANFIT Program Training Gets Practical; Reminder about Holiday Eats and Treats; Strength Training; CalTEEN Survey Back to Top