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February 9, 2011

Steps Taken…More Needed for the Health of our Youth

New legislation to allow for more healthier meals in schools... after school programs too!


Our country is making strides to having healthier food options more readily available to our youth especially for those in low income communities of color. Check out this simple and easy-to-understand writeup of the recently passed Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill. After school programs, read this memo from the USDA allowing for the expansion of at-risk after school meals in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.. At CANFIT, we support this big step, but also know that it will take a lot more than the passing of this bill. What about the fast and junk food companies that continually market to our youth and lie in all of our neighborhoods? And the dozens of other issues affecting the health of our youth (lack of access, lack of physical activity opportunities due to built environment challenges, safety and violence, etc). TO ALL ADULTS WORKING WITH YOUTH: WE NEED YOUR HELP to ensure that our youth are getting the best nourishment and physical activity opportunities available to them. One Way to Start: Kick off the new year by implementing our CANFIT Healthy Snack Guide this year: We make HEALTHIER... "EASIER" and the guide is loaded with cultural food recipe ideas, what snacks to serve, what snacks not to serve, meal plans, etc. CANFIT is ready to tackle 2011 with all of you! If wish to support us, join our network or donate today! Let's keep it real and do this together! -CANFIT Team

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