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January 28, 2017

Happy Year of the Rooster 2017

To start off the lunar new year, we want to take the time to thank you for your support of CANFIT. Your donations, calls, advice, referrals, and social media shares have kept us going during this past “Re-Calibration” year, and will be the things that keep us sane during the coming year. See below for summaries of CANFIT’s work last year, and plans for the coming year....


We are still here, and re-affirming our commitment to work with community-based and youth-serving organizations to identify local solutions and support the development of healthy eating and physical activity environments in low income communities and communities of color. “Adelante” and “Gong hei fat choy”! CANFIT’s 2016 Accomplishments: Policy Participated in the California Afterschool Network’s (CAN) Strategic Planning Retreat, emphasizing the inclusion of nutrition and physical activity in Out-of-School Time. Served on the national Healthy Out-of-School Time (HOST) Policy committee, where I promoted Farm to Out-of-School Time and higher quality meals in federal food programs (e.g., CACFP) Attended meetings of the City of Berkeley, Sugar Sweetened Beverage Panel of Experts to identify implementation issues. Consultation and Technical Assistance Worked with the WK Kellogg Foundation to provide technical assistance on youth engagement in food and community interventions in NE Iowa, Holyoke, MA, Oakland, and Detroit. Responded to various Technical Assistance requests, e.g., Oklahoma State Public Health Department, Humboldt County Health Department, El Campo Community Center, Health Education Council. Thought Leadership Primary author of a capstone article on Youth Engagement for the WK Kellogg Food and Community Initiative (due March 2017). Invited Presentations: “Building Equity into Physical Activity Interventions” – at the Obesity Solutions Roundtable of the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine, Washington, DC (to be published in 2017) - “Tools to Address Racism and Racial Equity” – at the Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leader (RWJ-CHL) Annual Alumni Conference “Food Security and Health” – at the Kellogg Fellowship Leadership Alliance (KFLA) annual forum Other Awarded a $1000 CANFIT Scholarship to California State University, Los Angeles student, Sade Meeks Future Directions for 2017 A. Market Consultation and Technical Assistance services to local/national organizations B. Award CANFIT Academic Scholarships (as funds allow) C. Provide implementation expertise to municipalities offering Sugar-Sweetened Beverage community grants, and to CBOs receiving the funds. D. Pursue partnerships with organizations with similar missions and values E. Serve on policy committees that address our mission and advocate for improved food quality and access in low-income, communities of color F. Write article(s) that summarize CANFIT’s work, e.g., youth engagement, equity, community capacity building G. Participate in Fulbright Specialist assignments as requested (March 2017 – New Zealand assignment)

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