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January 30, 2014

20 CANFIT Funding Opportunities

Celebrate CANFIT's 20th Anniversary with 20 opportunities to invest in improving health in our communities.

By Arnell Hinkle

In honor of our 20th anniversary, here are 20 CANFIT funding opportunities. You can donate up to $20,000 and/or 20 hrs of your time to support CANFIT’s programs and priorities, including: 1. Academic Scholarship Program – to support low-income youth of color to study nutrition, culinary arts, or physical activity 2. Internship Program – provide stipends to students working in our office - Fall/Winter/Summer 3. Fellows Program – to assist us with Research/Evaluation Projects 4. Material Development - Toxins in Foods Curriculum 5. Farm to Afterschool Project 6. Material Development - revise and update our Afterschool Snack and Meal Guide 7. Material Development - update/Re-print Recipes for Success 8. Afterschool Meal Vendor Pilot 9. Web-portal development - to increase our capacity to do “Virtual Trainings” 10. Facebook/Twitter Contest(s) for Youth 11. Strategic Planning – to cover cost of Board/Community Retreats 12. Business Plan development 13. Evaluation System 14. Technology Upgrade - Digitizer, Software, Phones, iPads 15. Material Development - 20th Anniversary Digital Story 16. Community Lecture series 17. Material Development - CANFIT Primer 18. Web Tool Development - Nutrition Tool/ Physical Activity Tool 19. Youth Career Pipeline Project 20. Archive/Digitize CANFIT Past Materials/Data Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with us and please consider donating now to help us keep doing the work that we love!

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